Our Dachshunds

We are currently owned by 13 Dachshunds – 8 Standard Longs and 5 Mini Longs, ranging in age from 11 years down to 2 years. We currently have 4 generations of Standard Longs here and 3 Generations of mini longs. All our homebred Standards go back to our foundation bitch who we bought from Wendy Barrow – Frankanwen.

We have combined some of the best worldwide bloodlines into our dogs (both standards and minis) and are hugely grateful to our friends around the world who have helped us do this. Particular thanks goes to Cyndy Geiser (Insights Dachshunds, Illinois USA) for her wonderful friendship and fabulous dogs that she has sent to us. Jeter and Vanessa arrived with us in July 2009 and have certainly made their mark here at Abydachs already!!!

Please see our additonal pages for our Standards and Miniatures, where you can find more information and pictures of all our dogs.