About Us

The Abydachs kennel was founded in 1983 by Janet Geeson, when we bought our first Longhaired Dachshund called Suki. We didn’t realise it at the time but Suki came to us from the top winning Frankanwen Kennel of Wendy Barrow. Suki became the foundation of the Abydachs Kennel and produced two good litters for us. Our Affix Abydachs was granted to us in 1985.

Janet’s daughter Helen had a keen interest in the dogs from a young age, showing her first dog in 1986 at the age of 8. Helen’s interest developed and she became a separate interest in the affix in 1999.  The dogs are now owned between us, and both can be seen at most Championship shows throughout the UK during the year.



In 1999, Mini Longs joined the standards at Abydachs, proving very successful.

We do not breed very often, and only when we want something else to show, we are not a commercial kennel and our dogs are first and foremost our pets and we regard temperament and health to be our primary concern.

Our dogs have done us proud in the show ring, we won our first Challenge Certificate in 1996 with Abydachs Golden Conquest and our first Champion was made up in 2000. We have since titled another 2 Standard Longs and 5 Mini Longs with several others well on their way to their titles. We are just as happy to sell a good one to other people and many Abydachs Longs and Mini Longs have won well for other people, winning CC’s, RCC’s, JW’s, ShCM’s and gaining their stud book numbers.

Both Janet and Helen enjoy judging within the UK and are now passed to award CC’s in the UK, Helen also judges other Hound breeds at Open Shows and has judged in Ireland under FCI rules and in Australia. Helen is an active member of the Dachshund Breed Council Health and Welfare sub-committee and runs the Breed Council Mentoring Scheme. People are more than welcome to come and visit our dogs by prior arrangement to make sure we’re in, and we love hearing from all the owners of puppies we have bred.